1988 Company Founded 1996 C++ Member Templates Supported
1989 C Front End Released
1999 JFE (Java Front End) Released
1991 Fortran Front End Released 2000 Full implementation of ISO C99
  C++ Front End Started 2002 Full implementation of ISO C++
1992 C++ Front End Released   (first anywhere)
  C++ Templates Supported     GNU C Compatibility Supported
1993 C++ Exceptions Supported 2003 GNU C++ Compatibility Supported
1994 Precompiled Headers Supported 2004 Embedded C Supported
1995 C++ RTTI, New-Style Casts 2011 C++/CLI Supported
  Bool Supported 2013 Full implementation of ISO C++11
  C++ Namespaces Supported    
  Microsoft Compatibility Supported